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Quest Template


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Here is a general guideline and template you can use for posting quests.


  • All Khaiperion Empire Quests are styled this way! It is the best way to know if you're within the Empire
  •  While the formatting does not have to be the same, the information presented is the most important part!
  • If you are the owner of multiple locations, consider color-coding each location for easier identification.
  • Your own HTML Coding is allowed, as seen below. For a crash course guide to HTML, click here.


Include a [ Quest ] bracket in your thread title and remember to note the city and use the proper Region tag.

Each post should be no less than 100 words

To canonize your thread, the last post should be a summary of the events the thread contains.

A full summary (1-3 paragraphs) must include all important details. Please be as transparent as possible for the sake of fairness!

A minor summary (2-5 sentences) should be included in the Summary as well as this is what will be included in the lore article. 

  Loot payout based on group/solo effort as per Hyperion's Quest Rubric



▇ ▇ ▇ ▇  [ Insert Location ] Quests


Class A (Easy) 1+ players. 1+ pages (15 post minimum).

Class B (Medium): 1+ players. 2+ page.

Class C (Hard) 2+ player. 1+ Storyteller (optional). 3+ pages.

Class S (Hardcore) 3+ player.  1+ Storyteller (required). 5+ pages.


Repeatable Opportunities - Class A - :

Paradise, Found – The city has opened its doors and there's much to be seen and found in this new western paradise! Explore up above as well as below, discover new flora and fauna then catalog them neatly! This is a wonderful opportunity to create new quests for future materials exclusive to the Hyperian Empire.

Become Somebody – Become a local and make the city your home. Whether you aim to become famous—or infamous—there’s plenty of room for you here. You will have the freedom to seamlessly integrate into the lore and be a part of its ever-growing story All walks of life are welcome!

Tribes and Empires – Establish a Tribe, or consider a Noble House and help bend and twist the tricky politics of the city. Create a character for an existing Trible or Noble House or be ambitious and create your own! For more information about how to establish a trible, clan, noble house or where, see the

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility – Become the grandest of nobility and establish your Noble House as a Regency. Regents are responsible for shaping the lore of the land and creating fantastic stories and opportunities for their citizens. Tread lightly—for other nobility have the power to overthrow.

Carpe Terra – As the Empire grows, so too does the need for land. Expand the borders and explore new territories to settle. Regents, Nobles, Military and Notable Individuals will have the opportunity to expand their territories.

It’s Just Business – Money makes the world go ‘round as they say. Establish a business as a Hot Spot location and establish trade with neighboring cities. A Hot Spot is a Hub thread, meaning your business will be accessible to the every day locals that may come and go as they please. It’s a fantastic opportunity for the smaller, interpersonal stories.

Enable the Ordinary to Do the Extraordinary – There’s nothing more heartfelt than having like-minded people with like-minded goals they’re passionate about. Whether it’s a faction or union, a guild or a coven—create your own organization or join an existing one.

Tell Your Story – Host you plot in any given city. You will have the ability to impact existing lore and create new opportunities and adventures for others. Go at it solo or hit the Watercooler to gather your cast of characters and tell us a story for the ages.


▇ ▇ ____[ Quest name ]- [ Quest Class ] ↓ [ Quest Status, if completed, include link ] - [ Quest Claimed By/Completed By ]

[ Insert a brief explanation of the quest point here ]


Potential Reward: [ Reward listed from least to greatest; Guide: Lore Impact > Notoriety > Loot > Treasure > Artifact]


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