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Frequently Asked Questions - Lore Edition


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Q: What is the genre for Khaiperion

A: While for a while I was touting Khaiperion as a medieval fantasy genre of a setting, I found that was not accurate. A better classification instead would be feudal fantasy. There are many Asian-inspired cultures within Khaiperion, however that is not the extent of what is possible. If you are a fan of lore from worlds like Avatar: The Last Airbender then Khaiperion sits in a similar vein.


Q: What is magic like in Khaiperion?

A: Khaiperion places emphasis on leylines and can be cited as the source of magical genius loci in the world. There are all kinds of flavors of magic that can be utilized within from casting to blood magic. Magic also helps dominate the strength of a Khaiperian artifact. Within the Empire, the most popular type of magic come casters known as the Vanakaran, who weave the elements of nature with magic.


Q: What is the tech limit in Khaiperion?

A: Khaiperion focuses mainly on the use of magitech, and those are limited to certain a continent (Jinth). The focus of using magitech is restricted to the government as well as scientific endeavors (Enforcer armor, shield, weapons, airships, etc). The rest of Khaiperion remains predominantly techless to respect the feudal fantasy genre and to acknowledge the pace of world development through impacting the lore.


Q: How do I become a citizen of the Empire? Do I have to in order to RP there?

A: To answer the latter first, you don't have to become a citizen to RP within the empire. If you do wish to become a citizen, it's as easy as posting a page (15 posts minimum) of activity that establishes yourself there. How you'd like roleplay that out is left to you! The most common method is to build a home (in doing so, you can hand wave acquiring citizenship through testing).


Q: Can anyone become a noble or regent?

A: The answer is both yes and no. What that means is that yes, you can--as long as you can commit to the work that comes along with it. Being a regent or noble is not for everyone. While nobility centers around plots between the six main bloodlines, regency requires driving activity from an IC and OOC perspective. You should only consider becoming a noble or a regent if you want to be serious about establishing your roots in Khaiperion, but as always, having fun is the ultimate end game!


Q: Six Bloodlines? What does that mean?

A: There are six major ethnic groups, each with their own distinct culture that makes up Khaiperion.  You can read more about them here.


Q: Do I make a character that belongs to one of the listed races or ethnic groups, or can I just join with a character I already have?

A: While it is deeply encouraged to create a character that fits the narrative and scope of Khaiperion, Offworlders are a viable option for importing a pre-existing character. We encourage to create one empire-based character and one outside the empire.


Q: What are Khaiperion's guidelines for artifacts?

A: While you can utilize Khaiperion artifacts on other continents, their power relies on leylines to maintain their full power, and should reflect a weakened state on other continents depending on where your roleplay takes place. Artifacts are to be used for storytelling purposes and not for personal keeping. To that end, at one (1) year from the date of canonized acquisition, artifacts are relinquished from their owners. They will return to the nearest leyline in the to be recharged and to be quested for again. This is a new rule created to help alleviate the need to A) Create more artifacts to compensate for found ones and B) To give everyone a chance to acquire one and C) Allow others to use artifacts to assist with their story.


Q: If we can't keep artifacts, what can we keep?

A: Khaiperion utilizes a Notoriety| Loot | Treasure | Artifact system.
Notoriety helps with canon fame (or infamy).
Loot hauls are small time items that can be used at the quester's leisure. These include gems and monetary values that can be used in taverns and inn throughout the empire.
Treasures have significantly more value and can range from potions to spells, blueprints of airships, weapons and armor.
Artifacts are legendary items, the hardest to acquire, and are to only be used to drive a plot or solve a problem within a plot. A monster or deity to slay? A magically charged organization of nefarious intent to stop? A plague in your city no regular medicine or healing can cure? Artifacts! Solving the world one problem at a time.

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