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Understanding Quests


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The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Quests


What is a quest? A quest is a long and difficult journey to find or obtain something. It’s usually a solution to a dire problem but can also be a personal journey. There are many types of quests all throughout Khaiperion, each that have different levels of difficult and different levels of reward. All quests are scored by a simple rubric that is designed to be a constructive reward based on the level of effort put into completing the quest. This means that if you put in less effort, your reward will reflect this. The reason for this is to be fair in the rewards given, and to encourage putting in more effort to receive the maximum payout possible.

Before we can look at the quests themselves, here is a breakdown of different terms, their meanings, and how they apply to you. Learn them well!


Quest Level: A quest level determines the difficulty and is used alphanumerically. Each Class level has a different condition that must be met for the quest to be considered completed. They are listed as:

Class A (Easy): 1+ players. 1+ pages (15 post minimum). Reward: Lore Impact

Class B (Medium): 1+ players. 2+ page. Reward: Lore Impact, Notoriety, Loot

Class C (Hard): 2+ player. 1+ Storyteller (optional). 3+ pages. Reward: Lore Impact, Notoriety, Treasure

Class S (Hardcore): 3+ player.  1+ Storyteller (required). 5+ pages. Reward: Lore Impact, Notoriety, Artifact


Canonization: Canonization and Canon can best be described as a submission of authenticity to the site lore.

It is your way of saying, “This event happened, and it is a part of the world's lore now.” Canonized threads in roleplay help shape and change the lore of the site and can help it grow. Not every thread needs to be submitted as canon, particularly if it has no lasting impact on the setting or the lore, but it is encouraged to impact the setting and the lore in a way that helps contribute and expand to what is already in place.


To Begin a Quest:

Include a [ Quest ] bracket in your thread title and remember to add the proper city or region tag.

Each post should be no less than 100 words minimum.

To canonize your thread, the last post should be a summary of the events the thread contains.

A full summary (1-3 paragraphs) must include all important details. Please be as transparent as possible for the sake of fairness!

A minor summary (2-5 sentences) of the events should be included in the last post as well as this is what will be included in the official lore article that is canonized. 

Quest Rewards: Understanding What’s In It For You

At the end of your journey, comes the reward. Khaiperion works on a tiered system of rewards. The more difficult the Quest Class Level, the better the reward. The following is a list of the various rewards tiers that can be applied to a quest.


Lore Impact: This is the most basic reward you can have when completing a quest because you have effectively shaped the lore surrounding the quest. The impact increases with each level, and ties into the next reward tier. Lore impact is granted with every quest tier.

Notoriety: The result of being well known for something either good or bad you have done. Having recognition throughout different parts of the world is a wonderful way to impact the lore and connect your story to that of other characters. Notoriety is often granted as a part of Class B, C and S Level quests.

Loot:  Token items that can be used for a personal advantage. Potions, magical glasses, Armor enchanted to feel light but remain sturdy. Loot is always granted for Class B Level Quests.

Treasure: Stronger enchanted items, or items that hold a higher value. An airship, a sentient weapon, tomes of useful and powerful spells--or curses. Treasures are items you can keep permanently. Be mindful that magicked treasure will not work in a zone devoid of magic, and that zones with limited magic you should scale your treasure within reason (and if you're not certain, check the AMA threads to ask and find out). Treasure is always granted to Class C Level Quests

Artifacts: Top tier legendary weapons and tools that are powered by the leylines. They are difficult to acquire, difficult to master and will either put you ahead in life or kill you. Unlike Treasures, Artifacts can’t be kept permanently, and must be used for the sake of telling a story. A user may keep an Artifact for one calendar year from the date their quest is canonized. At the end of that year, the Artifact is forfeit from their inventory as “depleted” of its magic and will return to the nearest leyline to “recharge”. This will allow other uses to quest for it and tell their own story as well. There is a one week cool down before an Artifact can be quested for again. Questing for an Artifact is a first come first serve basis. Artifacts are the only items that can maintain their magicked status in a zone devoid of magic, or with limited magic. Artifacts are only designated for Class S Level Quests

Here is a sample of what a quest listing looks like


▇ ▇ ____Bari's Only Hope - Class B ↓

Bari's Apothecary is in dire need of resupplying. Travel around the Port's scenic countryside, city and coasts collecting supplies of herbs, odds and ends. Barter in the marketplace for unique ingredients, enjoy the sunset while collecting shells and salts, or take a chance in the bordering hills and forests for flora and fauna. As busy as Bari is, he won't shy away from rewarding you with some of his famous homeopathic remedies.

  • Potential Reward: Lore Impact | Loot
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