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Khaiperion was founded in 2020, but began as an idea some five years before. It has changed and evolved and expanded beyond expectations and I could not be prouder. I had the idea of this overarching story where a realm struggled to beat the odds of divine prophecy, and how that world could be impacted and shaped by those who participated in it; where the story could go anywhere and be anything.

Soon the lore became so big that I took a chance and struck out to establish my own website. I came to realize that earlier incarnations weren’t working because I had no cohesiveness, theme or genre. I went back to the roots of my design, gutted the concept and completely rebuilt it anew to the Khaiperion it is today.

Here we aim to foster your creative nature, help you improve and fine-tune your roleplay, lorecrafting, worldbuilding--and perhaps most importantly--your writing skills. Our job as staff and a community in whole is to help support and build one another up so that we can all enjoy this wonderful hobby and have lasting, meaningful connections through story and interaction.

Our site is free and easy to join! If you enjoy the world of Khaiperion, toss a coin our way. Khaiperion runs on donations so every spare coin helps keep the experience going. Our staff members volunteer their time and energy to ensure you have a great experience, each with their own impressive set of skills that help the site and community flourish. Our knowledgeable and attentive Welcoming Committee is here to help you adjust and seamlessly join the world of Khaiperion, as well as to welcome you into our awesome community.

Here you will find:

- Plenty of flexible options to suit your roleplay and crafting needs

- A comprehensive guide and access to roleplay resources to help fine-tune your skills

- The consistent support of our staff backed by our equally friendly community

- A multitude of genres and themes to whet your creative thirst

Khaiperion focuses on the plot and play of the world on both an organized and individual level. There is focus on both long-term, immersive storylines as well as focus on character development. You will find various genres and themes to whet your creative thirst.

We come from all walks of life at various levels of talent, here. Above all else, we welcome you in and hope you have fun!

Empyrean, and the KPN Team
Founder and Admin

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