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The Mud Room


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A mud room is generally a small entry way or room where that you enter, before you come into your home. It's a place to remove your shoes, hang coats, bags any anything else you may need to unload before you come in.

Think of this as a mud room before you enter the site properly. This is a dedicated server for those who are:

- New to roleplay
- New to forum roleplay
- New to the site

Here you'll have exclusive access to Khaiperion's Discord Server, where you'll be able to meet the site and server staff, ask questions about the hobby, the site, and the world with its lore. Our goal is to help you get oriented, as being on the forum and overloaded with so much to read can really be daunting and intimidating! Our friendly staff will be here to help get your bearings and--if you trust us--to sign up if you have not already.

You will have access to the server for thirty days, and there is a strict verification process in place to help protect the server and those of you who may experience culture shock. Our goal is to give you uninterrupted attention, but we ask that you please be gentle and patient as there far more of you than there are of us, and many of us do maintain job(s), attend school, or have a family life. As frequent questions roll in, a dedicated FAQ will be constructed and this post will be updated accordingly.

We want you to be able to:

- Readily identify site and server staff
- Familiarize yourself with our play-by-post Roleplay Forum
- Connect with other new members eager to roleplay
- Learn about the immersive lore and find out which setting works for you
- Understand the rules and regulations of the site and the server
- Feel at home and unburdened
- Have fun!

Below you'll find a link to the server. We look forward to seeing you there!

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