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The Cunning Society of The Surreptitiously Ubiquitous

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The Cunning Society of The Surreptitiously Ubiquitous is a motley crew of eccentric intellectuals that toe the line of too far at the chance to aquire the likes occult knowledge and ancient artifacts. It is a shadow or ghost organization that prides itself on remaining unknown, lurking in the shadows. Those involved with the society have a small variety of ways to identify one another, even if they've never met prior. To the unaffiliated however, this society likely serves as little more than rumor if anything at all. The ones whom undoubtedly knew about them were no doubt previous victims of their antics.

Even to the affiliates of the society, the identity of its founder remains a mystery. Some of them doubted there was such a person, instead believing an inner circle was impersonating a false identity to uphold as the founder/leader. In truth however, they did in fact exist, and the fewest of individuals were not only aware of this but also knew the identity of them. Regardless, members and affiliates are held to a fairly high standard of secrecy and excellence. Failure to uphold these standards typically result in immediate ejection from the society, and in severe cases, death.

The inner circle, including the founder are referred to as The Cadre; The founder themselves coined by the society as the Magna Cadre. The MC themselves don't like this title, but to speak out against it would potentially expose their identity. An act that would compromise their greatest asset, and one of their primary means of escaping things like the authorities. Plausible deniability. 

The society itself has no known headquarters, though there are a small variety of places they may or may not be known to frequent. They typically meet up a few times throughout the year to share stories and compare, sell, or even outright trade their spoils. Otherwise they don't gather in large numbers, and the only time they are known to congregate is in the case of a large enough acquisition to warrant their attendance, or of course in the case of intrapersonal relationships.

There is no known way to apply directly to the society. However, potential prospects shine best by achieving feats akin to the society's goals. In which, if found attractive enough, the society will invite one to join them. This is however, a one time invitation with an expiration. So they'd best think and act fast, skills folks like them needed the most. Upon their entry into the society, members are typically gifted with an enchanted Cloak of Displacement*. Are you cunning enough to catch their eye?



Name: The Cunning Society of The Surreptitiously Ubiquitous 
Type: Political | Religious | Professional | Tribal | Periodical | Social | Other
Location: Everywhere and Nowhere
Legality: "We solemnly swear we are up to no good."
- Founder: Unknown
- Leader: The Cadre (The Inner Circle)
- Members: Knell (Deasil Murklins), 

Agenda: The discovery, and if possible the acquisition of occult knowledge, and ancient artifacts.
- Current:
- Completed:
- Abandoned:

- Canonized Events

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The Rattaz (“to scrape, gnaw, scratch”)

The refuse, the denied, the rebuked, the unworthy, the blasphemous, the slanderous, and the damned! In short, those that earn themselves a swift excommunication and expulsion from the society. Or worse, deserters of the society. Regardless of why, those ejected from the society find themselves marked, most often for death. It isn't typically personal, though once someone knows a certain amount of society secrets, those secrets must remain within the society. That being said, some few, special cases have found memory wiping to suffice, though most people didn't willing sign on to have their memories manipulated. The mere thought of something going wrong in the process being too much to bare. Apparently more so than one's own life.


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