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Ganbare | Part II (Enable the Ordinary to Do the Extraordinary)


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  1. 1. Will our story's heroes survive their trek through the underbelly of these lurid mountain tunnels?

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    • Perhaps the Great Divide is/was less dangerous?

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Recruitment was slow, not that he didn't expect as much. Nor that he'd wished for a plethora of folks just willing and ready to throw their lives away. Still, it was a necessary process, and a single, solitary recruit was hardly a job well done for the span of a couple weeks. At least she seemed to be a promising prospect, that Nallyn. She wasn't much just looking at her, and several of the other lodges in the area scoffed and guffawed at her in response to her applications. Her background as a soldier was something few were willing to believe given her small stature as a Dwarf, and her classification as a Cleric. It was almost a wonder how she hadn't stained her Warhammer with the blood of those that mocked her. Though he commended her restraint and easily welcomed her in their company. 

Now that there were three of them, the minimum requirements had been met for them to officially register as a party or organization. Thus, Veiðimaðr was officially born on this day. Now that they were officially vetted so to speak, there was only one way remaining to spread their presence and attract more prospects into their ranks. They had to put in some work worthy of growing their reputation. Patrolling the East was well and all, but the true threats reigned from the west. The Monstrous Path was one way to get to the west, though Jinsoku himself wagered that there may be a safer means of travel through the mountains as opposed to going over them. While danger would be present regardless, something in his core told him to steer clear of the Fae colonies known to populate the upper regions of the mountains. Still, between the Fae and the Infernal West itself, one could only wonder what terrors awaited within the tunnels that remined widely unexplored. 

While he'd been fortunate enough to luck upon a crude map, it seemed that it only stretched a little more than three miles into the caverns before there simply was nothing else to follow. The path was indeed more or less to the west though, so they had the foundations of their start. Still, it would best serve them to gain a more detailed map of the region as they completed it. Likewise it might be beneficial to mark their path as a means of finding their way back in the case they get lost down there. For this reason, he'd gathered some necessary items within a dungeoneer's pack, and he'd asked Okina to bring a sketch book or scroll along with her preferred utensils for some decent cartography. 

He was nearly ready himself now, to meet up at the rendezvous point at the edge of town before trekking to the cave entrance indicated on the crude map alongside his party. While he was a bit nervous, this wasn't his first time trekking into unknown caverns to map them while braving the dangers within. Though this was the first time he'd be leading the expedition into such. He reminisced briefly about his first time. He remembered the excitement and joy of seeing foreign things for the first time...Before anyone else got to see them! Though he also remembered the fear and anxiety that came with near losses during that adventure. That was the day he'd nearly witnessed the loss of his Master before his own eyes. To think that now, he adventured mostly independent of Master James. He'd have to be sure to visit him and check in from time to time. 

Pushing the thoughts to the back of his mind, he took a deep breath and sighed as he checked over his gear. Once he was certain he had everything he needed, Jinsoku equipped his pack, wedging his polearm twixt it and his back. The last thing he grabbed was his helm. He held it before him so that it faced him. At first he stared at it, but then he began to focus on his own dull reflection in its sheen. He could make out the silhouette of his own figure, though the finer details were lost in the reflection. Finally, he cradled the helm in his left hand and was on his way. It didn't take long before he could make out two figures. Both he recognized, though one perhaps a bit more intimately than the other. His charming smirk graced his face as his charcoal eyes narrowed, smiling in kind with his lips. His right hand raised and he waved to them as he continued to approach. Nallyn waved back with a giggle, "I know I probably shouldn't be, but I'm rather excited to investigate the cave systems. There's no telling what kind of ingredients I might find!" She chirped, regardless of what they may have been talking about just before he came into view. 


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Recruiting was hard. Okina had gone around posting flyers for them, spending time with Jin waiting for someone; anyone to come to be interviewed. After a couple of weeks they had a dwarf come through with quite the battle hammer, and it turns out she was a cleric. Okina was quite fascinated with her ability to heal and her use of the hammer. Having spent a few evenings with Nallyn it was like they were best friends, making it easier for them to become a cohesive party as they now could finally be official. 

The night before they were to head out to the cave’s, Okina spent some extra time packing her pack with her sketch pad with pencils and other writing tools. Wrapped in leather was a scroll for cartography tied to the left side of her pack, on the right a canteen. With her swords resting on her lower back with her hilts on the right, her pack rested high on her back with the straps secured tight. She didn’t want to allow any movement of the pack, especially if she had moved quickly for any reason or another. 

As she walked side by side with Nallyn, she could feel the anticipation rolling off the dwarf as she nearly danced on her tiptoes waving to Jin as they approached him. Keeping her right hand and forearm resting on the pommels of her swords, she waved casually with her left hand. Looking over at her new friend and party member, she smirked at the way the dwarf giggled as she waved. 

Feeling her arm drop back down to her waist, she rolled her shoulders a bit still getting used to the pack on her back. “Well, I am sure whatever we find will make it a prosperous journey. Nothing better to do than put my hobby of drawing to work as a cartographer.” A soft nervous giggle came out, although she felt quite confident in her skill; it was something she hadn’t attempted before. The idea of splitting her attention from total awareness, but to sketch the land's details made her task a bit risky. 



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"Ohayo gozaimasu!" He verbally greeted them more properly as he reached their proximity. "Everyone appears well rested and prepared to embark, that's reassuring." It didn't bother him in the least that his two companions were female. Though he was still concerned that three wasn't enough to complete the task before them. Five, maybe even six minimum would be preferrable. He mentally reminded himself that they just needed to make progress as he cleared his throat, licking his lips before speaking again. "First and foremost, thank you for your company and service today ladies, sincerely. I'm sure we all know by now that I would in fact foolishly brave this task alone if I had to. That being said, this task is so daunting that nobody expects us to succeed. None have survived the catacombs and caverns all the way to the west as far as I can surmise. I want to be clear: If in fact we must, we will turn back. If any one of us is unable to continue, we will turn back. And lastly," he paused as his charcoal eyes drifted over to Okina, giving his a knowing look before effectively sliding his helm over his head. "If at any point we are overwhelmed, and I tell you to run, run. If I tell you to leave me behind, you leave me behind and escape to survive."

Nallyn furrowed her eyebrows, grunting as she stamped her little foot in frustration. Perhaps she was threatening to some, but to Jinsoku, this was outright adorable. Though he'd make sure not to outwardly mock or tease her over it. "But we should be in this together right? You brought me on primarily as your party's healer, I can't heal you by leaving you behind right? Besides, if you're protecting us and we're running away, who's helping to protect you? I think we should stick together no matter what." Placing his fists upon her hips, she anticipated some misogynistic rhetoric to come from his mouth, though she was quite pleasantly surprised by how he actually responded.

"There's simply too many variables I can't account for, Nallyn. Especially cave ins. In any scenario, my entire skillset is mostly comprised of harsh, outward expressions that is a variable I can account for. I don't want to place any friendlies at risk of injury, though likewise, I'd hate to handicap myself in a dire situation that calls for certain detail." He paused as he crossed his arms over his chest, in haling deeply before sigh lightly. "I don't want to be 'that guy', but a party is only cohesive if one person is primarily calling the shots. If you think you might have a hard time following orders then -"

"Nononononono! No hard times or problems here, only solutions. I just don't like the thought of abandoning a teammate. I've heard some pretty bad stories...Not all here mind you, but more of them than I'd like to count." The concerned look in her eyes showed him enough to not pry on the matter, though he was thankful she hadn't been a victim or survivor of such a tragic happening herself. It was one thing for someone to chose to sacrifice themselves to save the rest, easier to begrudgingly accept. Regardless, abandoning someone was something she wasn't sure she could live with. 

Turning his head, he peered over to Okina through the vented slots on the face of his helm, silently observing and essentially giving her the space to chime in with any input before driving their communications home with some reassurance. 


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