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    Please Be Shrine

    “Where are we going next?” Ugoku-Ko asked. She was halfway submerged in the side of Ugoku-Ki, the great tree. Ugoku-Ko, Uko for short, was a soshi of a dryadic nature. She looked like a beautiful woman with smooth skin resembling a wood grain, and leafy mossy hair, with deep green forest eyes and a spread of freckles across her cheeks. As usual she was beaming with energy, and vanakara drawn from the ley lines they sat over. “I’m not sure, Uko,” Sonotoha said. He was sitting in the lotus position with his crook shaped staff across his legs, and his head bowed in concentration. “When are you going to know?” Ugoku-ko asked, dragging out each word to emphasize her impatience. “When I know.” Sonata said. Ugoku-ko sighed and swam through the length of the tree, running around the room carved out of it and coming up out of the floor to sit beside Sonotoha. “Song?” She started, “can I help?” “Actually,” Song said, “you can.” “Really?!” Ugoku-Ko exclaimed in surprise. “How?!” Sonotoha smiled. “By being patient and quiet while I find out.” “Boo!” She said, and gently pushed him before submerging back into the wood of the floor and swimming up the walls. Sonotoha ignored her and exhaled deeply. He needed to focus regardless of Uko’s interruptions. He took a deep breath pulling on not only his pool of internal vanakara, but the vast flow of it running beneath his feet. He exhaled and pushed his power out, manifesting it in the form of a weave forming roots. The roots dug deep through the floor of wood beneath him, and entwined with Ugoku-ki’s own tremendous roots and their weave, forming a seamless pattern with them. Together with the tree soshi and its massive vessel the two dug into the leylines beneath their feet. The outrageous amount of vanakara flowing through it was almost too much to handle, even with Ugoku-Ki’s help. Still after a moment he managed to find his focus even in the torrential waves of vanakara that tried to wash away his thoughts. With his mind fixed on his task he pushed his mind down the leylines, splitting into pieces where they branched out and following a number of different lines all at once. He traveled miles across Ozan passing over its countryside in moments. He didn’t like what he found. Across a number of branches he found knots in the leylines, places of great disruption in their flow where something was just Wrong. He couldn’t be sure what it was, but he knew it needed healing, he knew the land was suffering because of these knots, just as any creature would suffer from having knots in its pattern. And for as many paths as he traveled down, after encountering the knots they all led back to a single convergence point. A place knotted so deeply it was nearly black in an otherwise entirely luminous vision. He felt himself being pulled, dragged even towards the knot. He resisted, struggled, sent out roots to hold onto the earth and solidify his place. But the mass of knots was relentless, it dragged him with such intensity that his branches broke and he fell closer and closer to the darkness. It was about to consume him. But he avoided whatever fate lay within the knotted darkness. His vision was interrupted with a powerful eruption that sent waves of light through his vision. A massive tree broke through the canopy of darkness that pulled at him. It tore it asunder and let light shine down on his vision once more. The tree pulsed with a power unlike any other, the quintessence of wood. The Heart of the Forest itself. Sonotoha had encountered this mythical entity in his visions before, but never so blatantly before. And never had it ostensibly rescued him. He wasn’t sure what that meant. But he did know what the Heart’s presence meant. It wanted to speak. So he listened. He felt himself pulled within the Heart’s embrace, and pushed through its roots. He moved with superlative quickness across Ozan’s countryside, too fast to make much of it out, but knowing in his mind where he was passing thanks to the Heart. He found himself heading west, not just west, but into the Sunken West, a place of myth and legend, or where they died at least, and many died trying to find them again. He felt himself pushing through the forest, into a labyrinth of vines, over craggy cliffs, through a mess of thickets, down a waterfall, and finally into a cave deep within the forest’s heart. And deep within he saw, what was that, a shrine of some sort? His vision changed again, now he saw nature, no shadow, no soshi of all elements. What was that about? And then that too was swallowed up by darkness, and a feeling of hunger, of void, not like a kali, but something else, something Wrong. And then he woke up, sitting in Ugou-Ki, with Uko rubbing his shoulders and calling his name. “Song! Song! Sonotoha!” Ugoku-Ko cried. “Song are you okay?” “I’m okay” he said, pushing off her attention. ‘I know where we’re going.’ “You do?” She asked? “Mhm, we’re going west.”
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    Dialysis sticks it every time I'm there.
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    Hello there, I'm Jason. I don't think most of you know me but that's okay, I'm looking forward to getting to know you. I've been cooperatively story telling for the last twenty five years be it through writing in places like Rhydin and Ayenee and more than a handful of forums here and there. I'm currently going through dialysis so my posting schedule is tight and there are days where I'm just going to be completely unreachable. But otherwise I'm an open and friendly guy so feel free to say hi or let me know if you're having some kind of problem.
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